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Lance Armstrong saga brings out the vitriol

Yoda-speak: Hate leads to anger, anger leads … to writing about Lance Armstrong. As with the opinion on Jon Jones v UFC, mainstream punditry seems to have shifted. Or maybe it just depends on what news organization you read. You’re &helli...

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MMA and drug testing: The good without the bad?

Josh Gross tackles drug testing in his latest podcast (check right column here), bringing on U.S. Anti-Doping Agency chief Travis Tygart as a guest. Tygart makes the pitch that the UFC and state commissions should go whole-hog with blood testing, &he...

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Floyd Landis confession lets no one off the hook

The news that former Tour de France champion Floyd Landis has admitted using several performance-enhancing drugs in his cycling career, reported in The Wall Street Journal, is disappointing on several levels. First, it invalidates one of the great pe...

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