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Not indoor soccer, not Bruce Arena — it’s ARENA soccer

Writers use Game of Thrones to explain everything these days. I don’t have HBO, so maybe someone can explain Game of Thrones to me in terms of indoor soccer history. Is the Stark family the equivalent of the MISL? Is “Lord Littlefinge...

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The indoor soccer wars, part 3,785

Imagine if, in 2002, five MLS teams had broken away from the league to seek a stronger future in the A-League. That’s roughly what we’re seeing now in the latest twist of indoor soccer, which had a fractious history in … Continue r...

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Why the San Diego Sockers-Dallas Sidekicks game will matter in 2013

The San Diego Sockers have won 45 straight games, which is a professional sports record. Yes, you may quibble over the term “professional” in the PASL, and you may argue that the Sockers face even less competition in that league … ...

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