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Fuzzy memories of soccer’s good (ironically) old days

You may not have noticed this, but I’m old. I’m not yet in the AARP, but by the standards of modern journalism, I’m a fossil. (How ironic in an age of long life expectancy that our media keep getting younger.) … Continue read...

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Are UK taxpayers subsidizing poor spending habits in the Football League?

Yes. Well, I think so. That’s the conclusion I reached after reading Chapter 7 of Ted Philipakos’ excellent forthcoming book, On Level Terms. That might not be Philipakos’ conclusion. He’s an agent and an academic who clearly...

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English soccer: Everybody’s got problems

One of the joys of visiting England and taking in the soccer scene is that you realize how wonderful it is — and how different it is from the conventional wisdom of those who think the version in the USA … Continue reading →...

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