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Building the Beckham brand, cont.

Maybe we can’t quite trust this denial of David Beckham’s interest in QPR or any other English Premier League team. “No” often isn’t the final word in transfer sagas. But given Beckham’s rumored destinations —...

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Beckham and the remnants of condescending England

Most Americans love England in some respect. They might be Monty Python or Doctor Who fans. They might think London is lovely. They might admire the country’s love affair with a sport that spreads to four professional leagues and scores &hellip...

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Book review: ‘A Beautiful Game’

The first thing you’ll notice about A Beautiful Game is that it’s a beautiful book. The photography is rich and diverse — a treasured pair of dirty boots in Liberia, a youth clinic in Cambodia, a junkyard kickabout in Brazil, &helli...

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