Goodbye, farewell, amen

This will be the final post at SportsMyriad.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s just time to simplify a bit. The idea that I could keep up a busy freelance career while churning out books and being a one-man news service for soccer, MMA, Olympic and offbeat sports just isn’t feasible. But I had a lot of fun trying, and you can bet that my Duresport site will have plenty of posts along the lines of what you’ve read here over the years.

I’ve learned a lot from this seven-year experiment, and not just that people read Olympic-related content much, much more during the actual Olympics.



And most of the work I’ve done here lives on. Just substitute “duresport” for “sportsmyriad” in the URL. This site will hang around for another few months, so you’ve got time to update any bookmarks.

I’ll still be writing — check The Guardian, FourFourTwo, Bloody Elbow and Popdose for now — and I’m launching a podcast called Ranting Soccer Dad. When I have something that isn’t there, look for it at

Thanks for reading, commenting, venting and contributing.

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  1. Jim Paglia says:

    Beau, You provide a valuable view into the sport. I look forward to following your work elsewhere. The game deserve your steady and watchful eye.

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