On hiatus

When I left USA TODAY in 2010, I immediately launched SportsMyriad.

I had grand designs. I would spend about half of each workday on freelance projects — books, articles for various clients, etc. The other half of each workday would go toward building SportsMyriad into the destination for an upside-down (by U.S. standards) sports reality. Soccer, MMA and Olympic sports would get the lead, with a few oddball events like chess and poker also in the mix.

The reality is that building a site like that is a full-time job. More than one, in fact. I had a lot of freelance work (a nice problem to have), and so SportsMyriad never lived up to what I was intending.

I’ve had some highlights. Olympic sports coverage never took off here, but my medal projections drew a ton of traffic — enough to bring down the site at one point. Some of my youth soccer coverage has done well, and this has been a good haven for my women’s soccer writing.

I thought about shutting down SportsMyriad earlier this year, but I figured I shouldn’t do it in an Olympic year.

Two things have happened:

  1. I’ve realized I’m simply not going to have the time to do medal projections for Rio.
  2. SportsMyriad suffered a malware attack. The recommended courses of action to prevent a recurrence cost far more than I make in ad revenue on the blog.

So while I haven’t officially decided to cease operations here, I’m leaning that way.

Here’s a rough plan of how I would disperse the various things I do here:

Olympic sports: I’m going to write some daily guides as downloadable PDFs. I might sell ad space on those PDFs, or I might just have “ads” for my books. Either way, they’ll be free.

Youth soccer: Find most of my youth soccer writing at SoccerWire.

Women’s soccer: I’ll continue to pitch stories to The Guardian and FourFourTwo. I’m not quite sure what to do with Spirit game reports and analysis for the short term. They might just go to my personal page, duresport.com. Maybe I’ll even

I am, of course, available to write on these and other topics! Track me down on Twitter or LinkedIn or wherever.

I still think there’s a place in the sports media landscape for multiple blogs on Olympic sports. NBC does a fine job. I’m astounded that no other organization seems interested. So many great stories are going untold. I’m always looking for more opportunities to tell them.

But I don’t think SportsMyriad is the right forum. It’s not easy to pull it off independently, especially when you have other projects that have been neglected for too long.

So I’d be happy to hear from potential partners or people who’d like me to write for them. I have plenty to keep me busy between my main freelance clients (I’m getting back in the swing for OZY as well) and my next book(s), but I’d be interested in trying to do some of the things I’ve been doing with SportsMyriad. Without having to deal with malware issues and other headaches of independent hosting.

As always, you can find a steady stream of thoughts and link-sharing on Twitter @duresport

I’m not going anywhere. I just might gently drop one of the balls I’ve been juggling for a while.

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2 Responses to On hiatus

  1. John says:

    Please find time for your medal projections! You had by far the best info leading up to the olympics.

    Some friends and my family really get into the olympics and do a sort of fantasy olympics with a draft of nations. I built a whole spreadsheet using your predictions vs USA today to calculate points based on medals to help everyone have some idea on which countries to pick.

    If you are on the fence, I really hope you consider giving it another shot.

    Thanks John

  2. Eric Vormelker says:

    Best of luck with all your endeavors, Beau!

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