The Games go on, Paralympics edition

We should probably dispense with the idea that Vladimir Putin timed the mess in Ukraine to occur after everyone left Sochi. Another wave is coming in right now for the Paralympics.

And while we in the USA don’t pay quite as much attention to the Paralympics as other countries do — though, in contrast to the Olympics, NBC’s networks will air the opening ceremony live and offer much more live action in the early morning hours — this is a large event that will be taking place under a large shadow.

As difficult as it may be to separate the geopolitics from the inspiring stories of athletes overcoming great challenges, we’ll have no shortage of the latter.

– The BBC offers up some global stars to watch.

– checks in on U.S. hopefuls in biathlon and cross-country skiing (yes, the USA has quite a few).

– NBC’s OlympicTalk has the full U.S. roster.

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