SportsMyriad Sochi crew: Marc O’Nions

Hello, my name is Marc O’Nions. I currently study in Manchester, England, for the course Multimedia Journalism as a postgraduate student. I moved to the city in 2010 when I began my undergraduate course. I was born in the Northern Irish city of Londonderry, to a Northern Irish mother, and an English father who has currently served 34 years in the British army. I have four brothers, and one sister. My two younger brothers live in the South Asian country of Nepal with my father, so it is fair to say we are a very well travelled and spread out family! During the winter breaks of university, I go back home to the university city of Cambridge where most of my immediate family resides.

My main passion in life is sports, in particular soccer, and being in Manchester where the sport has so much history and success has only fuelled my passion. When I finish my journalism course, my main ambition would be reporting in another country such as Australia, or the United States and helping to make the sport more popular. For the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics I will be reporting on Hockey, and as Great Britain have not qualified I have (temporarily) switched my allegiance to the United States! Thank you for reading, and hopefully you enjoy my coverage of Sochi 2014.


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