Sochi recap: Speedskating, men’s 1500 meters

It took 3000th of a second after a tie, to see Poland clinch a rare victory over Netherland!

Date: 15-Feb

Sport: Men’s 1500m Speedskating

Medalists: Zbigniew  Brodka (Poland), Koen Verweij (Netherland), Danny Morrison (Canada)

SportsMyriad projections: Gold: Shani Davis (USA), Silver: Koen Verweij (Netherlands), Bronze: Denis Yuskov (Russia).

How the U.S. fared: The U.S. team came into the contest at the back of a controversy regarding a switch in running suite: from the new to the old! Shani Davis who was projected to up his game came a distant 11th. Brian Hansen gave a better account, comming 7th. Joey Mantia and Jonathan came a distant 22nd and 37th respectively.

So far, the U.S. has come only as close as Brian Hansen in all attempts at gaining a speedskating medal at the Winter Olympics. It is also obvious from todays performance that the running suit is part of the speedskating team’s problem.

What happened: Zbigniew  Brodka (Poland), shot out in pair 17 to establish a lead. Ironically, he was paired with Shani Davis. Leaving the U.S. athlete behind, he established a lead that was only to be challenged by Koen Verweij. Every one almost thought that the Dutch will not grace the podium for the first time in all the speedskating events at the Sochi Olympics but their last option (Koen Verweij) took his turn by the scruff and deliverd an amazing display, almost beating the lead established by the poland. It took the computer 8 seconds to establish that the Dutch came short by 3000th of a second.

The Dutchman looked unhappy at his performance as the announcement was made of the winner of the tie. For the Poles, it would not have come at a more psychologically auspicious time being the very fist medal (of any color) to be won by Poland in the 15oom speedskating event. What a victory for Poland!

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