Sochi recap: Snowboarding, men’s halfpipe

Shaun White falls short of becoming first man to win three Olympic gold medals in a row. Swiss rider Iouri Podlatchikov takes gold.

Date: 11-Feb

Sport: Snowboarding

Event: Men’s halfpipe

Medalists: Iouri Podladtchikov (Switzerland), Ayumu Hirano (Japan), Taku Hiraoka (Japan)

SportsMyriad projections: Shaun White (USA), Iouri Podladtchikov (Switzerland), Gregory Bretz (USA)

How U.S. fared: This is the first time that an American has not received a medal in the Olympic halfpipe. Watching the event broke my heart. Gregory Bretz had terrible falls on both runs for a high score of 26.50. Danny Davis, who is the reigning X Games gold medalist, had a fall in both runs as well on the same exact jump with a high score of 53.00.

We can’t forget the one who put a little dent in our American hearts: Shaun White. The first run was filled with his difficult tricks until he came down at the wrong angle and took a bad fall ending the first run with a 35.00. Holding our breath during the second run, he performed wonderfully with only a small trip up to put his score at 90.25. Even without the medal and no more shaggy hair, we still love you, Shaun.

What happened: The youngsters put on quite a show in this event. Eighteen year old Taku Hiroaka from Japan had a mediocre performance in the first run with a score of 45.50, but recovered with a 92.25 to put him in third place for a bronze. Even better, the 15-year-old Ayumu Hirano completed two amazing performances in these finals to put him in second place with a 93.50 with a rather stoic look on his face. Finally, the jubilant, yelping Iouri Podladtchikov, originally from Moscow but representing the Swiss, had a superb performance in the first and second run that launched him into first place with a beautiful score of 94.75.

Quote: “We let America down. Sorry, America.”-Danny Davis

Full results

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