Sochi recap: Men’s freestyle skiing, halfpipe

As the snow piled on the halfpipe and messed with a number of freestyle skiers performances, 23-year-old David Wise for Team USA wiped out the competition for his first gold medal in the first historical Olympic event for men’s freestyle halfpipe skiing.


Sport: Freestyle Skiing

Event: Men’s halfpipe

Medalists: David Wise (USA), Mike Riddle (Canada), Kevin Rolland (France)

SportsMyriad projections: David Wise (USA), Torin Yater-Wallace (USA), Mike Riddle (Canada)

How U.S. fared: On David Wise’s first run, the gold medal spot was secured with his high score of 92.00. Throughout his first run he had a few incredible jumps including a double twelve, and he also kept up his amplitude in the air without losing speed. However, on the second run, he had a terrible fall on the attempt for his first jump. Aaron Blunck, the youngest in the competition at 17 years old, fared pretty well with a fiery double cork 1260 on the first run, and he only had a few shaky landings. In his second run, he achieved a score of 79.40 which he and the commentators were surprised at because quite frankly his performance was worth more.

What happened: Mike Riddle, the 27-year-old for Team Canada, had a low energy but was consistent throughout in the first run to put his score at 71.40. He then came back in the second completing a very impressive run with back to back double 12’s and very easy landings  to put him in second with a score of 90.60. Kevin Rolland, the Frenchman, scored his bronze medal in the first run with a score of 88.60. In the second run, he pulled doubles straight away, and he set up for a switch double but could not make it around and falls to put his second score at 29.80. Surprisingly enough, the best, Justin Dorey was mediocre at best with a fall in both runs to put his scores at 14.20 and 20.40.

Quote: ”Dave is, right now, on top of the sport. He’s the best. He’s proven it multiple times. He comes out in any condition and has amazing fun. He’s the dad out of the group. So, no matter what he does, we’re proud of him.”- Aaron Blunck

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