Sochi recap: Freestyle skiing, Men’s slopestyle

Team USA sweeps all possible medals in the first men’s freestyle skiing finals.

Date: 13-Feb

Sport: Freestyle skiing

Event: Men’s slopestyle

Medalists: Joss Christensen (USA), Gus Kenworthy (USA), Nicholas Goepper (USA)

SportsMyriad projections: Nicholas Goepper(USA), Gus Kenworthy (USA), James Woods (Britain)

How U.S. fared: Team USA stole the show by winning bronze, silver, and gold medals. Joss Christensen wins his gold with his score on the first run, 95.80. Christensen landed all three of his jumps including the cork and double on the first two, and even goes for a triple in the final jump to put him above the others. Gus Kenworthy did not fare too well in the first run with a score of 31.00; however, he changed the game around in the second run with beautiful landings on his switch double and switch triple to put him in silver at 93.60 . One aspect he did keep consistent though was the “Hey, Mom” every time he spoke to the camera. Nicholas Goepper, the 19-year-old ranked number one in the world, throws difficult tricks on every jump, but what mattered most were his strong landings that put him in bronze with a high score of 92.40.

What happened: Andreas Haatveit for Norway came in fourth on two very good runs, with a high score of 91.80 almost knocking Goepper out of the race. Unlike the top four however there were those who just had no chance whatsoever like Alex Beaulieu-Marchand for Canada. The Canadian went down very hard right after the first rail to put his score at 5.00 during his first run. His second run was not very different either ending it early with a fall out of his switch double to put him at a high score of 21.40.

Full results

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