Handball’s time has come

Do we even need to call it “team handball” any more? If we say “handball,” will people tune in expecting to see some dudes from Iceland and Hungary slapping a ball around on a racquetball court?

Four years after a small group of American reporters, including me, started chasing the Iceland handball team around, it seems more people are paying attention:

– Wired (UK) calls handball “the most awesome Olympic sport you might not be watching.”

– It made the roundup of espnW’s “surprisingly enjoyable Olympic sports.”

– Time calls my Icelandic guys “the most important team at the Olympics.”

– Even Usain Bolt is down with handball. Well, handball players.

Then we turn to Twitter:

(And yes, Posnanski joined me, Dan Steinberg and a couple of others among the crowd that has discovered the quotability of the Icelandic handballers.)

It’s not a perfect sport. It sometimes bogs down in a half-court set. The constant fouls can interrupt the flow of the game. And Iceland just lost.

But like any sport, it has good games and bad games. And have you not enjoyed the good games?

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4 Responses to Handball’s time has come

  1. Jimmy LaRoue says:

    I didn’t get to see today’s handball action, but I enjoy watching it and want to see a game in person. When I was in Spain many eons ago, I watched a non-Olympic handball match on TV and was fascinated by it, though I didn’t understand it at the time. I still don’t know enough about the sport, but I’m going to keep watching it.

  2. Fake Sigi says:

    Team handball is not only interesting to watch, it is incredibly fun to play. I have been down since the mid-90’s. Maybe the most under rated team sport in America.


  3. It really, REALLY bogs down in the halfcourt game. I think if they allowed some form of screens/picks to promote a bit more movement and rotation amongst players in the halfcourt set.

  4. Todd Sliktas says:

    Aaron, I am a former handball player and coach. I will tell you that screens/picks are definitely allowed.

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