Schleck’s doping case joins “all news is bad news” file

From the AP story on Frank Schleck testing positive (preliminary — B sample still to come) for a diuretic at the Tour de France:

The case is also likely to cast new doubt on cycling’s ability to root out drugs cheats despite vigorous controls put in place by the UCI and its allies in the anti-doping fight.

How so? Someone failed a test. Next question: Was he cheating by using a diuretic to mask other stuff, or was this an accident? Investigation and punishment to come.

You know what would “cast new doubt on cycling’s ability to root out drugs cheats”? Someone skating through the whole Tour de France, then turning around and saying, “Ha ha! I just did this whole tour on a cocktail of EPO, anabolic steroids and ecstasy! BOO-yeah!”

But a positive test for a diuretic “casting doubt”? That’s like seeing a bug crash into your window screen and saying, “Oh no, I guess the screen isn’t working.”

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