The WPS vigil: Nov. 29 update

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  1. James Weise (@JimBobv2) says:

    Has Boston gotten the new investors they said they needed to be in for 2012?

    If not, WPS has 4 teams for 2012 today. Is that really enough for US Soccer to sign off on and have a season?

    The only thing that I really want to call US Soccer out on right now is the whole short timeframe thing.

    What does it cost US Soccer to give them more time to get at least 6 solid teams for 2012?

  2. The Perfesser's Ghost says:

    If Women’s Soccer wants to save itself, then Chastain, Foudy and Hamm need to show up at MLS HQ unannounced, ask for a meeting with Don and Mark, apologize for shitting on the Men’s game 12 years ago, and offer their collective PR services for $1 + expenses for 18 months to get WMLS off the ground.

  3. Beau Dure says:

    Show me one shred of evidence that any of the people you mention (particularly Hamm, who steers clear of controversy like I steer clear of health food) really dragged down the men’s game, and maybe you’ll have a point. Or maybe not.

  4. Joshua says:

    Your point about the United States not being “able to maintain the diversity of sports that Europe sees — handball leagues, volleyball leagues, water polo leagues, the bulk of winter sports seasons, the bulk of other Olympic sports seasons, and women’s sports.” could be disputed. But this is something that should be the topic of a major article in Sports illustrated or the Atlantic Magazine, not a comments board.

    However, It is difficult to believe that something like a professional indoor team volleyball league, men’s or women’s, doesn’t exist in this country. After all, volleyball is a popular sport in this country and the United States is geographically and demographically the third largest country in the world as well as easily the richest. But I guess in professional sports, like so many other economic spheres and so many industries in this great country of ours, it’s either dominate or die. Maybe the only reason we have even the NBA, MLB, or NHL is because NFL football isn’t play year round and has only 32 franchises.

    Professional sports in this country is run by businessmen, not government bureaucrats like in the old USSR or education bureaucrats like in the NCAA schools. The priority of businessmen is profit and increasing the value of the owned property, not a support structure for a national team or publicity and recognition for a university.

    Regarding the MLS, it wouldn’t be here today without the charitable support of Philip Anschutz, Lamar Hunt, and the Kraft brothers back in the day. Yes, they were in it to make money. An article in the Los Angeles Times a week or two ago, just before the latest MLS Cup, pointed out that MLS has YET to make any money. That’s 16 years of operating in the red and counting.

  5. Beau Dure says:

    Volleyball is a good question. For a while, the USA was at least the epicenter of beach volleyball, but that doesn’t seem to be true anymore.

    MLS may not have turned a profit, technically, but people are making money on it. Anschutz has sold most of his teams, some for big money, and he has stadiums. The value of most teams has soared. Some teams have made money on their own. And SUM provides a revenue stream.

    Besides — plenty of sports operations technically operate at a loss. In the case of Barcelona or Manchester City, a huge loss.

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