All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far)

Plenty of people have been asking to see the exhibits. Careful what you wish for. See the whole thing at Scribd. Some language NSFW.

Links to the individual documents follow (since I can’t get the Scribd widget to embed here) …

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Borislow’s exhibits

  • Exhibit A: WPS LLC agreement
  • Exhibit B: WPS agreement with teams
  • Exhibit C: Sun-Sentinel feature on Wambach
  • Exhibit D: Letter from WPS attorney Pamela Fulmer on summer dispute
  • Exhibit E: Follow-up letter from Fulmer
  • Exhibit F: espnW story on new CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan
  • Exhibit G: One page of an invoice. WPS disputes that it sought $2.5 million from Borislow. There’s no context in this invoice, so it’s very difficult to tell what’s being sought.
  • Exhibit H: Letter from Borislow attorney Louis Ederer on “purported termination”
  • Exhibit I: Response from Fulmer to Ederer
  • Exhibit J: Palm Beach Post story on termination
  • Exhibit K: Palm Beach Post story from summer

WPS exhibits

  • Exhibits 1-15: BoingBoing story on Borislow’s suit against their site, email exchanges over sponsor signage, email from Briana Scurry, and a couple of insulting emails.
  • Exhibits 16-28: League notice of several violations from first magicJack home games and from public comments.
  • Exhibits 29-40: Atlanta Beat protest, email exchange over whether Borislow contacted bench during suspension, union grievance.
  • Exhibits 41-62: All about the termination.

And that’s all for now.

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6 Responses to All the Borislow-WPS legal documents (so far)

  1. Neil says:

    Borislow isn’t one for niceties in email communications, I noticed.

  2. StarCityFan says:

    WPS exhibit 45 has an interesting tidbit about Borislow planning on selling the team to a couple of the players.

  3. Random says:

    I haven’t read through these yet, but thank you for posting to them!

  4. Random says:

    I love how in the player greivance emails (WPS Exhibit 36) Dan emails the following: “I do not know a single member of our team that stands behind that grievance and expect that our players will drop out of the union if they are in fact part of it.”

    No players union for you! (said like the soup nazi in Seinfeld)

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