Euro envy continues

I’ve been exploring a few Net radio options these days, and I settled upon UK station talkSPORT yesterday to catch this exchange in a free-wheeling discussion of international sports:

CALLER: My daughter’s a swimmer, though she’s at the bottom right now.

HOST: Well she’ll have to get to the surface to be any good.

This was after the two hosts concluded that Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde were the first two people we should guess when asked who said something particularly witty.

It’s a little disappointing that talkSPORT’s site says it’s aimed toward “men who love to talk sport.” A few women were included in the discussion yesterday, both as athletes and as callers, so I don’t see the need to exclude them.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s refreshing that they think men have the intelligence to follow such discussions.

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2 Responses to Euro envy continues

  1. Aaron S. says:

    You’re barking up the wrong tree if you expect too much reasoned discussion of women’s sports out of TalkSport. They hired Andy Grey and Richard Keys (of sexism blowup fame) about 15 minutes after they were fired by Sky Sports.

  2. Beau Dure says:

    Oy — yeah, I forgot about that.

    These two hosts (not sure who they were) seemed reasonably intelligent, and one was making a strong case that track and field star Jessica Ennis should be considered for the title of the UK’s top sportsman/sportswoman. But institutionally, yeah, that’s not good.

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