Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)

In working on a story that I’ll likely publish somewhere between now and Christmas (just in time for no one to see it), I was told by several people that the Washington Freedom were conducting business as usual for the moment.

Nothing was set in stone in terms of changing the name from the Freedom to magicTalk FC, incorporating the name of new majority owner Dan Borislow’s new product. Mark Washo, who had spent the last couple of years as Freedom GM/president, had announced his departure to work for Playbook Management International, was still running the team on an interim basis. The club’s Super-Y League teams went to the North American finals in Florida a few weeks ago and cleaned up, with all four teams making their age-group semis, one falling in the final and two winning the big trophy.

Then late last week, Jeff Kassouf passed along word that the Freedom had laid off their remaining staff.

So, hypothetically, if you wanted tickets for WPS games in the Washington area as Christmas presents, how would you order them? Or how would you contact the team with other questions?

You could order season tickets online, though you may wonder about ordering a 12-game package given all the open talk among league and team officials about splitting the 2011 season between Maryland and Florida. If you call, you’ll find the voice mail system still offering to connect you with account executive Tim Albee or other departmental contacts. Then if you dial the operator, you hear this:

“Experius — may I help you?”

And they’ll kindly transfer you back to the Freedom switchboard if you so choose.

Experius is a company founded by John Hendricks, the Discovery Channel magnate who founded the WUSA and the Freedom. He and his wife, Maureen, sold a majority share of the Freedom to Borislow this fall.

The Freedom roster, meanwhile, is a considerable state of flux — Ashlyn Harris, Allie Long and Cat Whitehill are among those who have gone elsewhere.

Will anyone be in place before the holidays? During? Before next month’s draft?


1. There is indeed a transitional staff in place. Some staffers who have been laid off will continue working for the next couple of weeks. So if you order something from the Web site (scarves, shirts, etc.), you should get it.

2. Borislow says the team will give pro-rata refunds for games not played in Maryland. Full refunds will be offered.

3. This from Borislow: “The team will be significantly upgraded and we expect to win the Championship this year.”

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7 Responses to Selling WPS tickets in transition (updated)

  1. GLBryan says:

    Interesting questions Beau.

  2. GLBryan says:

    Well I feel better now.

  3. KT says:

    Well, 16.667% chance he’s right.

  4. StarCityFan says:

    Thanks for the update, Beau. Should give kudos to Win Puffer and Clyde Watson, who on a 100% volunteer basis helped coach the Super-Y teams to their respective championships.

  5. Jane says:

    Oh, thank goodness, we’re getting an upgrade!

  6. bev says:

    So … does Dan think that putting Marta on the field with Abby is all that’s required to ‘upgrade’ the team? Has he ever seen those two and their temper tantrums when they aren’t getting service?

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